[MlMt] Unable to delete message

aisrael alain.israel at pasteur.fr
Thu Oct 14 06:29:58 EDT 2021

I have about 2000 similar messages (since April 7, 2021) that I have not 
been able to delete. Most of them correspond to an event in my Calendar.

The message usually says  :

The server couldn't retrieve the following message:
Subject: “XXX”
 From: "Not available" ("Not available")
Sent date: 9/25/2020 10:50:27 AM
The message hasn't been deleted. You might be able to view it using 
either Outlook or Outlook Web App. You can also contact the sender to 
find out what the message says.


On 14 Oct 2021, at 7:19, Michael Friedlander wrote:

> A message in my inbox from "Microsoft Exchange Server 2010" with the 
> subject "Retrieval using the IMAP4 protocol..." cannot be deleted. The 
> message doesn't show up when use the web interface for that server. Is 
> there a way to force MM to remove the 
> message?_______________________________________________
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