[MlMt] List of Sent but Ignored emails

Nick Rich nrich123 at me.com
Mon Oct 11 19:16:14 EDT 2021

Dear Topher,

In theory, yes it works! (Many thanks Benny!) 

Yes, I took Benny to mean create a third mailbox (which I named Reply Processing).

And following Benny’s instructions, it works really nicely; you send an email, tagged, it appears in Awaiting Reply, and when a reply comes in, it disappears from Awaiting Reply. Beautiful!

There are some complexities which may or may not just be me.

(1) I cc colleagues a good deal, so I get multiple entries in Awaiting Reply. I haven’t yet worked out  whether a reply to one removes them all (and even worse I haven’t worked out whether that would be desired behaviour). Eg, if I email Tom , copying Dick and Harry, do I want to wait for replies from Dick and Harry? If not, I need to figure out how to exclude cced respondents from Awaiting Reply tags.

(2) I don’t keep many emails in the inbox - I have a series of rules (on the gmail server side) which move them to correspondence folders by domain. (E.G, email from tom at example.com,
dick at example.com and harry at example.com will all be moved to an example.com folder.)  So I had to amend Benny’s criteria. 

(3) I should probably add a date criterion so that emails ignored, and that I haven’t chased, disappear anyway after a week or two. Again, that’s a matter of figuring out desired behaviour more than anything else. 

But that aside, I *finally* - only about twenty years after wishing this feature existed - have found a client that does it. I am extremely pleased.

Hope that helps,


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