[MlMt] Creating a bundle template for message data, including attachments

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Sat Oct 9 21:24:05 EDT 2021

Hey Phillip

Just came by accident across your post.

Super cool that you do a lot with bundles - I want to do more with 
bundles too:

* I am looking for a bundle/command which saves a message to a 
predefined folder without all the folder hierarchy the “Export - Copy 
to Folder” command creates.

* Also I would like to have a bundle to to save attachments to an 
additional fixed/preset location.

One day…

Happy emailing,

On 2 Oct 2021, at 2:13, P wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I've been exploring the world of MailMate bundles recently. They are a 
> great format for anything to be shared, or for relatively simple 
> scripts. However, as some of my scripts have become more and more 
> complicated, I've started to find my proliferating .mmcommand and 
> executable files a bit unmanageable. Debugging can be particularly 
> tricky.
> Given that the vast majority of my bundle commands would be of no use 
> to anyone besides myself, I'm trying a different strategy: creating a 
> simple script to pull out message information and send it to Keyboard 
> Maestro in JSON format. Once in KM, it's easy to pass it to whatever 
> script or app is needed. I also find it easier to keep everything 
> organised this way.
> Here's what the .mmcommand file looks like:
> ```
> {
>     name					=		'template';
>     input					=		'canonical';
>     environment		= 
> 'macro=E61C4928-CE11-460D-ADD9-2B379C1BBB5D\nmsgID=${message-id.split}\nsubjectPrefix=${subject.prefix}\nsubjectBody=${subject.body}\nfromName=${from.name}\nfromAddress=${from.address}\ntoName=${to.name}\ntoAddress=${to.address}\ncontentType=${content-type.type}';
>     command			=		'#!/bin/bash\n"${MM_BUNDLE_SUPPORT}/bin/template"';
>     keyEquivalent	=		'^[';
>     uuid					=		'47d6808e-e6a7-41d9-9d92-d2948423be26';
> }
> ```
> And here's the executable:
> ```
> #!/bin/bash
> tmpFile="$TMPDIR/8D444CFE-C1F9-4F82-AD8B-4EA7EC7A77C2.eml"
> cat > "${tmpFile}"
> osascript <<END
> tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine"
>     do script "${macro}" with parameter 
> "{\"tmpFile\":\"${tmpFile}\",\"msgID\":\"${msgID}\",\"subjectPrefix\":\"${subjectPrefix}\",\"subjectBody\":\"${subjectBody}\",\"fromName\":\"${fromName}\",\"fromAddress\":\"${fromAddress}\",\"toName\":\"${toName}\",\"toAddress\":\"${toAddress}\"}"
> end tell
> unlink "${tmpfile}"
> ```
> As you can see, I put the KM macro ID into the environment variables, 
> which allows a single executable file to send the JSONified data to 
> any number of macros. I just have to create a new .mmcommand file each 
> time.
> The variables passed:
> tmpFile (full-text of the message)
> msgID
> subjectPrefix
> subjectBody
> fromName
> fromAddress
> toName
> toAddress
> It takes a bit of detective work to figure out what the available 
> environment variables are but I think I've gotten most of them. The 
> one major thing that I've failed to figure out is how to get 
> attachments.
> In the [bundle 
> documentation](https://github.com/mailmate/mailmate_manual/wiki/Bundles#inputfilespattern), 
> under "inputFilesPattern," it's mentioned that attachments are 
> accessible via the `MM_FILES` environment variable. However, I've 
> found only one example of this in use ([by David 
> Slochower](https://github.com/slochower/bundles/tree/master/My%20Save.mmbundle)). 
> It's written in Python—a language that, unfortunately, I don't know 
> very well. Consequently, I'm struggling to see how it works or how it 
> could be adapted.
> So, long story short, I am wondering if anyone has any other examples 
> of getting attachment info from `MM_FILES`, or some advice on how I 
> could integrate it into my above-mentioned template.
> I know that `MM_FILES` itself provides data in JSON format, which can 
> be tricky to parse in AppleScript, but there are several ways around 
> that. I just can't seem to get anything from that environment 
> variable, which makes me think that I must be missing something.
> Many thanks,
> Philip._______________________________________________
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