[MlMt] What controls physical deletion of mails from MailMate?

Raza Rizvi raz at raz.org
Fri Nov 26 06:48:31 EST 2021

On 25 Aug 2021, at 18:47, Raza Rizvi wrote:

> On 25 Aug 2021, at 18:24, Bill Cole wrote:
>> On 2021-08-25 at 12:29:08 UTC-0400 (Wed, 25 Aug 2021 17:29:08 +0100)
>> Raza Rizvi <mailmate at lists.freron.com>
>> is rumored to have said:
>> [details snipped]
>>> Anyone else got any clue what is going on!
>> Check MmAutomaticExpungeBehavior
>> Another possibility is that your IMAP server is doing some sort of auto-expunge.
> Thanks for the input Bill.
> Yes I have tried MmAutomaticExpungeBehavior as “mailboxSwitch” and “never” and neither (now) seem to do what is expected. When the MmAutomaticExpungeBehavior appeared not to be set it was acting as though it was set to “mailboxSwitch”.
> Fastmail are the provider, though I noticed this behaviour a while ago with Tuffmail (I have migrated from Tuffmail to Fastmail now) but just put it down to auto-expunge being set so Tuffmail could clear things down ready for their ceasing of operations.
> If I delete a message using an Android mail client like K9mail, the message is marked as deleted, and does not disappear - and it is the same message store. Which suggests it is a MailMate thing.

Replying once again to my own message as today I am holiday and therefore playing with my MailMate settings!

I have
    MmAutomaticExpungeBehavior = never;
    MmDeleteBehavior = markAsDeleted;

So I can see deleted messages in my current mailbox. But as I have reported before, if I switch to a different mailbox, then the marked as deleted messages are expunged, as if I had MmAutomaticExpungeBehavior = mailboxSwitch;

Most perplexing. Ideally I want to control when expunging takes place OR perhaps I might settle for expunging when I cleanly exit/shut down MailMate. I suppose I could try MmDeleteBehavior = moveToDeletedMessages; and see what impact that has on my workflow. Do any of you have this hidden preference set and can provide comment?

(Primarily Tuffmail - and they are not doing an automatic expunge)

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