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Thu Nov 25 12:13:44 EST 2021

On 24 Nov 2021, at 12:24, t.bartlett--- via mailmate wrote:

> Thanks to Marco Qualizaa for the encouraging message. I didn’t find 
> a way to apply the settings in his message to my installation of 
> MailMate at home, but in the process an option appeared that proved 
> unexpectedly successful. So now I can receive mail from the 
> outlook.com server, but an attempt to send through it has failed.  
> I’ll keep trying. It’s very good not to be entirely cut off from 
> this account, as MailMate has been for over a year now.

I looked into making my test account (@outlook.com) work and this time 
it succeeded. I'm still unsure if it's officially supported by 
Microsoft, but these settings do work for me:

IMAP: imap-mail.outlook.com
SMTP: smtp-mail.outlook.com

Both with OAuth2 enabled.

There might be an issue where MailMate fails to get a new so-called 
refresh token and I think that might play a part in why these things 
seem a bit unpredictable. Therefore, after configuring the above, try 
deleting items in “Keychain Access” with the following name:


That should trigger a new round of OAuth2 authorization which might work 
better for you.

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