[MlMt] Antvirus scanner

leo mailmate at halloleo.hailmail.net
Thu Nov 25 08:40:07 EST 2021

Hi there

I have installed a virus scanner on my Mac and it reports viruses in a 
few EMLs in MailMate’s Application Support folder:

![](cid:66C6F971-CD1E-45B6-AC94-F13E122D24AC at halloleo.hailmail.net 
"Virus in MailMate_Screen Shot 2021-11-25 at 4.59.33 pm_sml.jpg")

I assume these viruses are windows viruses

My virus scanner says it cannot delete the viruses (which, I think, is 
good, because if they get deleted from outside of MailMate MailMate 
might get out of step…).

But how can I delete these EMLs. Or do I not need to bother?

Many thanks for any help,

(Screenhot is [on imgur](https://i.imgur.com/uDfAFz2.jpg) as well.)
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