[MlMt] Word count ?

Nick Rich nrich123 at me.com
Mon Nov 22 07:47:18 EST 2021

Is there a way to have Mailmate display a word count of what’s in  the compose window? A live count would be brilliant (eg, live enough to increment each time I type a word) but even a ‘select and right click to get a word count’ function would be useful. 

( Detail: I suppose I’d want it to count Markdown preview words rather than markdown source words, but I don’t suppose there is enough difference between the two to worry that much.  wc compatible counting would be fine. )

Apologies if I’m missing the obvious! My googling didn’t turn up anything. 

I’m using Mailmate Version 1.14 (5843) on macOS Monterey (12.01)  

Thanks for any thoughts! 


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