[MlMt] Test build - release notes update

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Sun Nov 21 09:02:56 EST 2021

On 11 Nov 2021, at 1:19, Sam Birch wrote:

> On Saturday Benny posted r5844, with a comprehensive summary of all changes since r5673. It’s a good read if you’ve been sticking to the release builds and are wondering what you’re missing. It’s also hopefully an indication that the next stable release is getting closer.

I hope so too. Just to clarify, I do believe the latest test release is stable in the sense that it is much less likely to crash or have issues with Big Sur or Monterey. A public release is mainly delayed by the fact that major rewrites of many parts of MailMate also means a lot of minor behavioral changes -- and some of these are of major importantance to various subsets of users.

Mailing list users can help me out by using/trying the test releases and let me know if they find any such personal “deal breakers”.


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