[MlMt] Tread Arcs layout issue

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Sun Nov 21 08:37:57 EST 2021

On 18 Nov 2021, at 3:17, Eric Sharakan wrote:

> Hi all, I use the "Thread Arcs" layout, and lately (perhaps after updating to r5847?), I'm seeing a case where two completely unrelated threads are being shown as one larger thread.  Has anyone else seen this?

I do not have any similar reports. Maybe we should debug it off list.

If the threads are from the same “context” then this could happen, e.g., if anyone replies to an email on a mailing list, but then clears the subject-line to create a new thread. (MailMate will warn about this, but most emails clients won't.)

There's currently no way to explicitly break a thread in MailMate, but it's been on the todo for a very long time (like a lot of other threading related issues).

> Is there a way to force MM to re-calculate its notion of the threads?

No (other than relaunching MailMate).


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