[MlMt] Disable spoofing attempt warning

Randall Meadows mailmate at not-pc.com
Wed Nov 17 10:00:18 EST 2021

On 15 Nov 2021, at 7:20, Stephan Kleiber via mailmate wrote:

> see here:
> https://freron.lighthouseapp.com/projects/58672/tickets/1924-skulls-are-being-displayed-in-my-email-address-instead-of-the-symbol
> It seems that the skulls have been replaced by yellow warning signs in the meantime, but the hidden preference
> `defaults write com.freron.MailMate MmNospoofSymbolDisabled -bool YES`
> doesn't work for me and has no effect on the list view. Is it just me or is the setting not supported anymore? Is there anything else I can do to disable the character replacement? I'm using MailMate 1.14 build 5846.

Just to make sure: you're quitting MailMate before issuing that Terminal command, right?


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