[MlMt] Markdown confusion with line breaks between paragraphs

Eric Sharakan esharakan at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 14:54:35 EST 2021

[Running r5846 on macOS 11.6.1]

Hi Benny, I know others have mentioned this, but it's become quite frustrating to me that sometimes I need to enter two consecutive newlines when composing with Markdown to get a visible line break between paragraphs.  For me, it only seems to happen when replying to some specific emails, so I suspect it's related to the content/format in those emails.

I also seem to have found an even more pathological symptom: in one specific case, no amount of consecutive newlines puts a line break between paragraphs.  In this one case, it seems to happen when there's text between triple backticks in my reply.  I'll send details (including the full email I'm trying to compose) to Benny privately.

Any chance this can be looked into?



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