[MlMt] Markdown formatting

Patrick Okui pokui at psg.com
Fri Nov 12 08:09:01 EST 2021

On 11 Nov 2021, at 2:08 EAT, Randall Gellens wrote:

> On 9 Nov 2021, at 9:52, Steve Hodgson wrote:
>> I’m running Version 1.14 (5843). Seems ok today.
> I'm still on 1.13.2, since I'm not on OS 11 yet and I believe 1.13.2 is the latest for 10.anything. I find lots of formatting problems in markdown, including the need to add extra blank lines to get one to show up.

I’m on OS X 10.14.6 and currently on MailMate Version 1.14 (5820). Option + clicking on “check for update” in the MailMate menu offers me version 5845 which I’ll download shortly.

I can see in the release notes for 5845 the following under “Coding/Bulding related changes”:

“Requires macOS 10.12 (previously public release required 10.10).”


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