[MlMt] No Tags in Archive

Ron B n44fqcve5s at snkmail.com
Tue Nov 2 00:01:57 EDT 2021

I recently moved a bunch of old emails that all had the same tag into my Archive. I then created a Smart Folder to collect all of those tagged emails. It originally worked. Now (an hour later), the Smart Folder is empty. The emails are still in the Archive. They do not display the tag.

I have a similar Smart Folder collecting the tagged emails in my Inbox. That works. I'm using the same logic on the Smart Folder inside my Archive, but that doesn't work (If the tags are gone, that would explain why.).

I want to be able to put a bunch of emails into my Archive and then use Smart Folders to lump them into useful groups. I thought tags were the way to do this.

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