[MlMt] Mailing List Submailboxes - Fixing bad list-ids

Ethan Schoonover es at ethanschoonover.com
Fri May 28 12:28:55 EDT 2021

Do your MailMate mailing lists also contain lots of submailboxes named things like “15c317f52899487470ba6529” ?

I couldn’t find an existing fix for the issue of the “Mailing Lists” smart mailbox submailbox names sometimes populating with hard-to-identify strings of alphanumerics from badly composed list-ids (the fault the the email list software generating the list, not MailMate, but still annoying to see).

I worked up a new submailbox “Mailbox Name Format” specifier that fixes most of these here. I’d appreciate some feedback and tests. I can refine and document it here in this list thread after a little more testing.

To test (these should be mostly obvious but I thought it best to be clear):

* first make a duplicate of your existing “Mailing Lists” smart folder
	- right-click on it and choose duplicate
	- don’t edit your original smart folder (so you can revert easily). use only the resulting “Mailing Lists (copy)”
* double click on your new duplicated smart folder “Mailing Lists (copy)” to open the edit window
* select the the submailboxes tab
* remove the existing “Mailbox Name Format” string
* replace with the following:


I’ll break this down and document it here after some more review and changes.

Thanks to MailMate’s format string syntax, this was pretty straightforward.

Best regards,
Ethan Schoonover
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