[MlMt] How can I tell MM to NOT retrieve mail?

Pete Resnick resnick at episteme.net
Thu May 27 21:09:17 EDT 2021

On 27 May 2021, at 18:33, Jo wrote:

> On 27 May 2021, at 16:12, Alexandre Takacs wrote:
>> I am probably overstepping here but is it reasonable to use MM as a 
>> MTA ?? Or am I missing something ?
> all I can come up with is Metropolitan Transit Authority??

Heh. Message (or sometimes Mail) Transport Agent. That is, a 
full-fledged email server, as against a Message Submission Agent (MSA) 
that hands off the message to an intermediate mail server before it gets 
sent to its final destination, which is how MM operates.

And to take a shot at answering Alexandre: Probably not. First of all, 
many consumer networks (home ISPs, caf├ęs, etc.) block port 25 outbound 
(the SMTP MTA port) in order to prevent spam, so many networks that 
people use MM on will simply not allow connecting to a destination MTA. 
Even if your local network allowed port 25 outbound access, many 
anti-spam mechanisms that servers use nowadays flag Internet addresses 
that are "untrustworthy" like those coming from home networks and public 
access networks, and so will likely block your email from being 
processed anyway. Even if you had a static IP address, adding the logic 
to MM to do all of the required queueing and mail routing machinery 
would probably be much more trouble than it's worth.

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