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Mon May 24 08:31:01 EDT 2021

On 23 May 2021, at 4:49, Dave C wrote:

> What are the default fonts for all the assorted uses (creating a new email; reading a received email; the list of message headers in a mailbox; the mailboxes list in the Message Viewer)? When I select that font and open the Fonts window, none of the fonts are highlighted. I presume this means it’s not in that list?

Yes, it's not in the list.

> What font is Benny using?

The default macOS system font is [San Francisco](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fonts_on_Macintosh). It's atypical for a macOS app to allow the user to specify fonts and the built-in font selector window does not include “San Francisco” as a selectable font at all. Therefore, MailMate handles it by *not* selecting a font, but you can still change the size of the font which is probably what most users want to do anyways. You can, of course, also explicitly select a different font. Note that the font selected only affects the currently focused part of the interface. You can have separate fonts for the mailbox list, the message list, the message view, and the composer font. The composer font does not affect what is sent. It's only used for the editor.

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