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On 16 May 2021, at 13:36, MST wrote:

> I've done some research: I get the blue line down the side *unless* I enclose a pasted graphic. If there's some kind of attachment, I get the indented version with no blue line. I'd prefer it always to show the blue line - is there a way to do this?

Sounds like a style isn't applied to the emails at all when HTML is generated.

What is your “Default Theme” setting in the Composer preferences pane?

What is the “Styling method” setting?

Is the “Premailer” bundle installed (see the Bundles preferences pane)?

By default, MailMate should be configured to what I believe works best, but HTML wasn't designed to be used in emails and there's a lot of caveats. It's on my todo to spend time on making these things work better in practice, but it requires me to subscribe to a service like Litmus to see what emails look like in a large number of email clients. Even a tiny difference in the HTML generated can make a huge difference. For anyone thinking MailMate is expensive: https://www.litmus.com/pricing/basic/

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