[MlMt] Duplicate Sent messages

Dave C davec2468 at gmail.com
Fri May 14 13:10:42 EDT 2021

In my various smart mailboxes, when I send a message to a group, the 
copy (OK, it’s not really a copy but let’s overlook this 
nomenclature for the moment) that is in the Sent folder also appears in 
that group’s mailbox. So for every message I send I have in the smart 
mailbox: the message that is distributed to the list by the list server 
returned to me, and the Sent “copy” also.

Ideally, I want a condition for the smart mailbox that says “Does not 
appear in Sent mailbox”.

How do I keep Sent messages from also appearing in the associated smart 

It’s a small thing, but MM is such a powerful and well-designed 
client, and perfections is my goal. :)


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