[MlMt] Custom sort mixing Date Received and From?

freron at aetm.us freron at aetm.us
Thu May 13 10:57:14 EDT 2021

In the mailbox where I receive all my newsletter subscriptions and commercial email, I want to sort in the following order:
1) Message with most recent “Date Received”
2) All other messages with the same “From” as Message 1) in order of “Date Received”
3) Message with the second most recent “Date Received”
4) All other messages with the same “From” as Message 3)
… and so on

This would enable me to review and archive the newest messages first, but at the same time easily archive **all** messages from a particular company or newsletter, which is often appropriate.

In steps 2) and 4), alternatively the same “To” because some companies send commercial email from different addresses but I use aliases so issue a custom To address for each company.

I searched the list archives for custom sort and couldn’t find anything relevant to this functionality. MM is so awesomely capable and customizable, I’m hoping there is a way?

Thank you!

Best regards,
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