[MlMt] Updating SpamSieve

Antonio Leding tech at leding.net
Thu May 6 13:10:52 EDT 2021

Interesting - is there any reason why the CPU architecture would be a 
factor here?  Or is the thinking that the complete wipe was required 
just due to normal cleanup and possibly a change to a new OS?

I think it would be bizarre if the ARM-based CPU arch would cause this 
but given the feedback here, need to ask.  Or maybe does the OS have 
different under-the-hood behavior due to it running on an M1 vs. x86?

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On 6 May 2021, at 10:07, Ken Pope wrote:

> I had the same problem when I migrated from an older macbook pro to an 
> M1 MacBook pro, both running Big Sur: seemingly random spam sorting, 
> no amount of training having any effect, reinstalling SpamSieve not 
> helping, etc.  Up to that migration, SpamSieve had worked flawlessly 
> for many years.
> What finally worked was: I used Uninstaller-OS Cleaner (which removes 
> caches, preferences, & other files located outside the Apps folder) to 
> remove every aspect of SpamSieve, including the corpus of training 
> messages. Then I uninstalled MailMate.
> Once I did a clean install of both programs, SpamSieve started working 
> again.  I did have to train it but it learns fast and now has 
> virtually no false positives or false negatives.
> Hope this helps.
> Ken
>> I don't do well at keeping up with lists due to work volume these 
>> days but am about to completely give up on Spamsieve, which I've used 
>> since it first launched. Despite endless training and retraining, 
>> resetting and so on, it's almost completely random what gets labelled 
>> as spam and frankly it's easier to delete it manually. I came here 
>> hoping to find discussion about what is going on but I don't see a 
>> lot:(
>> I suspect this is from my going from an old mac Pro on Mojave to an 
>> M1 Mac mini around Xmas. If anyone has any bright ideas please let me 
>> know but I've gone through the spamsieve manual, reset it all, 
>> reinstalled, pretty much everything I can find as suggestions and am 
>> tired of retrieving more good messages (usually with whitelisted 
>> emails and so on) than spam from Junk.
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