[MlMt] Using wildcards in rules

Antonio Leding tech at leding.net
Tue May 4 22:54:59 EDT 2021

Hello MM community…

Is there any way to use wildcards in rules?  For example, if I wanted to 
select all messages that have a subject that differs only by a single 
character?  Here are the 2 subjects:

* Thank you for your State Farm payment
* Thank you for your State Farm(R) payment

These 2 subjects differ by only the registered mark so it would be great 
to be able to use a wildcard where that mark might be.

I ended up using 2 Subject selection criteria with an “All” for the 
true selection:

* Thank you for your State Farm
* payment

The above works fine but I am still curious about any wildcard options.

Thanks in advance…

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