[MlMt] Custom message verifications with messageVerifications.plist not working

Martin Guddat martin.guddat at gmx.de
Sun May 2 03:51:33 EDT 2021

Hi all,

I am looking for help on setting up custom message verifications. I do not get them to work.

I have added the following file:

>  cat ~/Library/Application\ Support/MailMate/Resources/messageVerifications.plist

   verifications = (
       title = "You sure about this?!”;
       details = "You are sending this email with the title Verifications.";
       conditions = "subject = 'Verifications'";

After I restart MailMate I had the expectation that before sending  a mail with the subject "Verifications" I get some kind of message box. Although on my system nothing happens at all.

A smart mailbox using the same Filter works as expected and shows the mails I sent for testing. I tried to start MailMate with the debug switches I know from the command line but I do not get any hint on the messageVerification at all.

Do you have any advice, what I am doing wrong? Do I have to switch something else? I there a chance to see what fails?

I have a specific warning planned but wanted to do an easy one first but I already fail there.

Thanks for your help.


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