[MlMt] Keychain weirdness

Antonio Leding tech at leding.net
Sun Mar 28 18:09:12 EDT 2021

You’ve probably tried this already but JIC, I recommend close\re-open 

Yeah, I know it sounds strange but I’ve had issues where some 
apps\services that need Keychain just stopped working.  This has 
happened a lot with Apple Messages where it would work fine for several 
days and then all of the sudden, no IMs sent or received and no error 
message given.  After yanking what little hair I did have, I finally 
discovered that closing\re-opening Keychain did the trick…

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On 27 Mar 2021, at 14:35, Bill Cole wrote:

> On 27 Mar 2021, at 17:14, Andrew Buc wrote:
>>> On Mar 27, 2021, at 12:56 PM, Bill Cole 
>>> <mmlist-20120120 at billmail.scconsult.com> wrote:
>>> You should make sure that it is there and that in the "Access 
>>> Control" pane of the license key's window it allows access by 
>>> MailMate. If it does not, you can add MailMate there manually or you 
>>> could just delete that license key from the keychain and re-enter 
>>> your license in MailMate. (MailMate->Registration->Add License…)
>> I decided to go the latter route—delete the license key and 
>> re-enter my license in MM. I got this:
> [Keychain error -25293 dialog]
> There is something wrong with your login keychain, not specific to 
> MailMate. Sometimes this can be fixed by explicitly locking and 
> unlocking it in Keychain Access. It can also occur if you managed 
> somehow to change your login password and the keychain password 
> independently of each other, which you can fix by running the 
> command-line 'passwd' utility. In one case where I had this sort of 
> error, nothing I tried fixed it and I had to create a new login 
> keychain and copy all the old items from the original to the new one.
> In older systems, Keychain Access had a "First Aid" function, but it 
> has disappeared from the menus.
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