[MlMt] Utterly baffled by Mailing Lists

Glenn Parker glenn.parker at comcast.net
Fri Mar 26 08:57:12 EDT 2021

On 26 Mar 2021, at 5:28, Paul Atlan wrote:

> I’m trying to sort my mailing lists into something halfway 
> manageable and readable.
> If I use the “out of the box” Mailing List mailbox, with the 
> following settings:
> Sort for unique values of List-id > description
> And name mailboxes as:
> ${list-id.description:${subject.blob:?${subject.blob:/capitalize}:${list-id.identifier.final-level}}}
> I get a baffling array of names such as:
>  * 420a598457b46e0aa26a7a673mc list
>  * 15marches.substack.com
>  * 245.44880.info.alternatives-economiques.fr
>  * 245.44922.info.alternatives-economiques.fr
> It seems some people use the list-id to name their lists, others an 
> identifier, others yet a url ….
> And basically, whatever item I choose to sort by, or rename by, I’m 
> never going to get a proper list of names.
> I’ve tried to rename some of the lists, which would work except … 
> some list managers seem to change list-id’s every few mails, so I 
> have mailing lists spread over many separate mailboxes …
> I’ve started building rules to identify and tag each and every 
> newsletter, but this is brittle (the ux being what it is, it’s 
> difficult to have rules with more than 4 or 5 conditions, so I’ve 
> spread out the newsletters over multiple rules), any new newsletter 
> needs to go through a process….
> I can’t imagine, with the number of power users using MailMate, that 
> there aren’t some interesting solutions around …

I normally create one rule in my Inbox per mailing list. The rule uses 
the List-Id > Identifier and moves the email to its own folder. FWIW, in 
one case I group 3 mailing list identifers into a single target folder. 
My rules configuration is very stable, and I manage around 8 mailing 
lists this way.

I haven’t had any problems with inconsistent Identifiers on any of my 
regular mailing lists. Even if a list’s Identifier is flakey, I have a 
feeling you could find *some* universal identifier for each mailing 
list, e.g. Subject > Blob, which locates “[LIST-NAME]” style tags in 
the Subject.

Glenn P. Parker
glenn.parker at comcast.net
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