[MlMt] Frequent crashes

Tobias Kirchhofer tobias at kirchhofer.net
Thu Mar 18 08:44:28 EDT 2021


i am on Beta Releases and i download interim versions from here 

I know that i cannot expect stable software with this strategy and i 

Since some days Mailmate crashes at startup when opening an email. If i 
do nothing for a while after start Mailmate is relativly stable.

Since this behaviour is not what i can deal with all the time i tried to 
go back to stable.

But this does not change the behavior. Maybe some settijngs which are 
not compatible anymore? Any ideas what to do? Would like to avoid a 
globales reset of Mailmate.



Tobias Kirchhofer
tobias at kirchhofer.net

Key fingerprint: 3A90 9832 05EC 7CE2 9093 55D3 910B 0343 8519 FC19

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