[MlMt] print -> crash

Edward Thome ethome at murraystate.edu
Wed Mar 17 00:24:40 EDT 2021

On 16 Mar 2021, at 23:08, Philip Paeps wrote:

> On 2021-03-17 12:02:00 (+0800), Edward Thome wrote:
>> On 16 Mar 2021, at 21:56, Randy Bush wrote:
>>> mm Version 1.13.2 on current big sur
>>> i have selected a text-only message and hit command-p.  mailmate
>>> crashes.  how to get debug?
>>> randy
>> It was a known issue with 1.13.2 (r5673 and thereabouts).  Printing 
>> works again on r5737 through r5757 (Version 1.14).
>> http://updates.mailmate-app.com/archives/
>> (now that I go there I see a lot of later versions, too, but they 
>> must be pre-releases of some kind).
> You can get these pre-releases if you hold down "option" while 
> clicking the "check for updates" button.

Yes, I check weekly but it has told me for weeks that r5757 is the 
latest version. I thought that was unusual, but I assumed that Bennie 
was really doing a lot of work under the hood and would have a major 
release any day now. :-)   [I also have “Watch for Beta Releases” 
checked.  Not sure why it wasn’t working.]


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