[MlMt] Question on IMAP mailboxes and rules from a MailMate newbie

Philip Paeps philip at trouble.is
Mon Mar 15 01:32:53 EDT 2021

On 2021-03-14 02:43:51 (+0800), Andrew Buc wrote:
> What you see here is a start at duplicating my folder structure in 
> Apple Mail. The Friends mailbox, as you might guess, is for personal 
> correspondence. The Lists mailbox is for various listservs. I have 
> many more friends and subscribe to many more listservs than shown, but 
> I’m taking it a step at a time.
> The Friends and Lists mailboxes are directly under the “Andrew Buc 
> (FastMail)” account. Is that where they should be?

Your mailbox: your rules. ;-)

As Bill pointed out, ancient IMAP implementations required everything to 
live under INBOX.  I've not encountered a server that does this in a 
very long time though.

> I’ve created a rule to move emails from the MailMate listserv to the 
> MailMate folder, and it seems it’s working so far. I think I’m on 
> the right track, but please confirm. Thank you!

While your approach of using MailMate rules to file mail will certainly 
work, you may want to look into using FastMail's sieve features to file 
the mail on the server when it arrives.  They're under 'customise -> 
filters and rules' in the FastMail settings.

If you use client-side rules with multiple clients, things can get a 
little bit confusing depending on which client sees the message first.  
It might be in INBOX on your phone until MailMate files it away under 
Friends and then it'll seem to disappear on your phone next time you 

Aside: for sharing screenshots with the mailing lists, try out View -> 
Distortion mode in MailMate. :)


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