[MlMt] have the headers stay on top when scrolling?

Eric Sharakan esharakan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 11:32:07 EST 2021

On 17 Feb 2021, at 10:31, Glenn Parker wrote:

> On 17 Feb 2021, at 7:20, Jolin Warren wrote:
>> For everyone whose headers do not stay in place: Is this in a 
>> separate message viewer window, or are you seeing this in the viewing 
>> pane in a three-pane view?
> My headers scroll with the message. I normally use a separate message 
> window, but it’s exactly the same with the 3-pane layout.
> Big Sur 11.2.1
> MailMate Version 1.14 (5757)

My headers also scroll with the message, and has been that way for some 
time (I can't specifically remember ever seeing the headers not scroll).

Until yesterday.

I received a long message, and I wasn't able to scroll it using the 
two-finger gesture on my trackpad; it got "stuck" after a few lines of 
scrolling.  Using the scrollbar to the right of the window, I could 
successfully scroll through the entire message.  That's when I noticed 
that the header was NOT scrolling with the message!  As I said, I can't 
remember ever seeing that behavior before.

When I came back to that message later, both behaviors had reverted: I 
could now scroll through it with my trackpad, and the header scrolled 
off as I did so.  Also, I swear the font used to display the header had 
changed.  Bizarre.

I'm currently running r5774, and reported this to Benny via Help->Send 


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