[MlMt] SMTP trouble

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Sun Mar 7 05:53:34 EST 2021

On 7 Mar 2021, at 10:53, Thomas Grundberg wrote:

> this morning I’ve been unable to send mail from MM. A switch to 
> another SMTP server solved the problem, but now the SMTP menu looks 
> severely borked.
> Can I just delete Sources.plist and Submission.plist and let MM 
> re-create them from within?

*Never* delete `Sources.plist`. MailMate won't know what to do about 
that. Deleting `Submission.plist` might work in the sense that it'll 
clear all SMTP settings in all accounts, but you probably do not want 
that (and I'm not 100% sure there won't be other side-effects).

I'd prefer fixing whatever is causing this issue. (It's a hidden 
preference feature and it's likely not used by a lot of users and 
therefore it could be a general issue -- I'm not using it myself.)

Update to 
and then write me off list if you still have this issue (Help ▸ Send 
Feedback). I'm still working on the build/release system which is why 
this release is not available via the test-release system (holding down 

Also let me know in what way the primary SMTP failed.

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