[MlMt] Highlighting the entire email "entry line" in the mailbox?

Greg Earle earle at isolar.DynDNS.ORG
Sun Mar 7 03:46:07 EST 2021

On 22 Aug 2020, at 8:44, Glenn Parker wrote:

> On 22 Aug 2020, at 0:23, Dave C wrote:
>> Will MM allow the highlighting (by coloring the background or text) 
>> of an entry in a mailbox? This is the one-line entry for each email 
>> in a mailbox.
>> I know of the “flag” I can add to an email, but I’m looking for 
>> something more substantial.
> You can tweak the color of the text for messages that are 
> “flagged” so they stand out clearly. There are instructions in the 
> “Hidden Preferences” section on how to go about this by adding the 
> file, ~/Library/Application\ Support/MailMate/Styles.plist and 
> enabling MmMessageColorsEnabled using the command-line.

Last August when I saw this thread, I created the Styles.plist file 

% cat ~/Library/Application\ Support/MailMate/Styles.plist
{   styles = (
	{   type = keyword;
		keyword = '\\Flagged';
		fontStyle = "boldAndItalic";
		color = "#FF6666";
	{   type = keyword;
		keyword = '\\Seen';
		color = "#888888";
	{   type = mailbox;
		fontStyle = "italic"; // boldAndItalic can also be used


It works great when I flag things with a red flag (since that matches 
the color specifier) but I like to use colored flags a lot (particularly 
yellow and green).

Having the flag be yellow or green but the "From"/"Subject"/"Date 
Received" fields (my default fields) be red is a bit disconcerting.

Any way to get the color to match the color of the flag?  Or is 
"\\Flagged" the only relevant keyword specifier, so there is no 
fine-grained control?  Is there no support for colored tags in the 
Styles.plist file?

I have this sinking feeling that the answer is "No" because MailMate 
seems to follow Apple Mail with regards to color tagging but most other 
mail apps don't seem to match it.

Back in December of 2016 Benny wrote:

> MailMate does support the colored flags seen in Apple Mail, but it's 
> (still) cumbersome to actually use this in filters/actions.  This is 
> because a colored flag is actually a set of IMAP keywords as 
> illustrated by the default key bindings for setting flag colors:
>  "F" = {
>      "0" = ( "removeTag:", "\\Flagged", "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit0", 
> "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit1", "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit2" );
>      "1" = (    "setTag:", "\\Flagged", "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit0", 
> "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit1", "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit2" );
>      "2" = (    "setTag:", "\\Flagged", "setTag:", "$MailFlagBit0", 
> "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit1", "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit2" );
>      "3" = (    "setTag:", "\\Flagged", "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit0", 
>    "setTag:", "$MailFlagBit1", "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit2" );
>      "4" = (    "setTag:", "\\Flagged", "setTag:", "$MailFlagBit0",    
> "setTag:", "$MailFlagBit1", "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit2" );
>      "5" = (    "setTag:", "\\Flagged", "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit0", 
> "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit1",    "setTag:", "$MailFlagBit2" );
>      "6" = (    "setTag:", "\\Flagged", "setTag:", "$MailFlagBit0", 
> "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit1",    "setTag:", "$MailFlagBit2" );
>      "7" = (    "setTag:", "\\Flagged", "removeTag:", "$MailFlagBit0", 
>    "setTag:", "$MailFlagBit1",    "setTag:", "$MailFlagBit2" );
>  };

and in a followup post

> There is currently no way to get, e.g., colored lines.  The best you 
> can do is to use tags (or maybe colored flags) and then enable the 
> “Tags” column in the messages list.  There's also an emoji variant 
> of this column.  The idea here is that you can assign an emoji in the 
> Tags preferences pane to a tag, and this is then used in a narrow Tags 
> column. Emojis are accessed in a text field by hitting ⌃⌘+space.

Now I'm even more confused ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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