[MlMt] Rather basic but I'm stumped

Bill Cole mmlist-20120120 at billmail.scconsult.com
Sat Mar 6 17:22:02 EST 2021

On 6 Mar 2021, at 16:29, Randy Bush wrote:

>> Maybe we need to compare setups?
> i do not think MM has a `show conf > saved.conf` or whatever so we can
> do a diff.  i hope i am wrong.

Well, there is "defaults read com.freron.MailMate" but that has a huge 
amount of cruft and a fair bit of private-ish info. ~25k lines and over 
a megabytes of data.

However, 'defaults read com.freron.MailMate |grep "^ *Mm"' reduces that 
to just the first lines of MM-specific attribute keys, which is a 
potentially safe-to-share and much smaller pile of info, in my case 137 
lines for a total of 8.5KB

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