[MlMt] custom key to view as html

Charlie Garrison charlie-lists at garrison.com.au
Thu Mar 4 19:04:00 EST 2021

On 5 Mar 2021, at 10:58, Randy Bush wrote:

> but i can not find the action name, and can not find how to find the
> \@U.... for keys.

I have these in my keybindings (third one is not related, but I use it a 
lot so including it)

"h" = "previousAlternative:"; // shows text view of message
"H" = "nextAlternative:"; // shows HTML view of message
"L" = "loadImagesOnce:"; // load remote images once

I show html version by default, so the `previous/next` might need to be 
reversed for your use case.



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