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Topher Buck mailmate at trbk.xyz
Tue Mar 2 16:33:17 EST 2021

Benny et al.,

This inquiry relates to 

Has there been any significant update to this functionality in the last 
three years? I, too, am interested in using rules to set flags of 
various colors on incoming messages.

Thank you,


Benny Kjær Nielsen Thu, 25 Jan 2018 02:36:07 -0800

On 24 Jan 2018, at 21:05, Randall Gellens wrote:

     Is there a cheat sheet for which bit values represent which colors?

This might be a good time to mention that I spent the past few days on 
refactoring the parts of MailMate dealing with displaying/editing search 
(and smart mailbox) conditions (and also rule actions and the mailboxes 
pane in the mailbox editor). This *should* make it easier for me to add 
new features such as a simpler GUI for matching on colored flags. We'll 

The latest test release includes this refactoring. This doesn't really 
include any (major) new features, but there is of course a risk that 
I've introduced some bugs. In other words, keep an eye out for any weird 
smart mailbox behavior when editing mailboxes/conditions/rules.

The refactoring should make it much harder for me to introduce new bugs 
when adding features to this part of the interface. Technically, I think 
I've finally tamed Apple's NSRuleEditor.


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