[MlMt] MM crashing when I try to print

Edward Thome ethome at murraystate.edu
Mon Jun 28 09:24:56 EDT 2021

On 28 Jun 2021, at 8:11, Edward Thome wrote:

> On 27 Jun 2021, at 16:06, Annamarie Pluhar wrote:
>> Okay… so you are suggesting that I install it over the automatic 
>> upgrade that I have enabled in MM? MM says I’m up to date.
>> As for a known bug, I went searching the archives and didn’t see a 
>> conversation.. how could I have missed it?
>> Annamarie Pluhar
>> 802-451-1941
>> 802-579-5975 (iPhone - not good when I'm at my desk.)
> In the Archives, look under November 2020.
> https://lists.freron.com/mailmate/2020-November/thread.html
> I have MailMate look for beta upgrades and for awhile there, it 
> stopped showing new ones. So you might have to download one past r5737 
> and then let MailMate suggest what version is next.

As for which release, here is what at the opening of the Release Notes 
under r5798:

**Revision 5798 (Sunday, April 18, 2021) — Version 1.14 Beta 2**

The following is a rewrite of all test release notes since r5757. The 
r5758-5797 releases all had arm64 (M1) support, but they were not 
directly available to r5757 users via the test release branch. This 
changes with r5798 which is now considered the best option for Big Sur 
users and, in particular, for M1 users.

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