[MlMt] MM crashing when I try to print

Annamarie Pluhar annamarie.pluhar at gmail.com
Sun Jun 27 17:06:46 EDT 2021

Okay… so you are suggesting that I install it over the automatic 
upgrade that I have enabled in MM? MM says I’m up to date.

As for a known bug, I went searching the archives and didn’t see a 
conversation.. how could I have missed it?

Annamarie Pluhar
802-579-5975 (iPhone - not good when I'm at my desk.)

On 27 Jun 2021, at 14:31, Edward Thome wrote:

> On 27 Jun 2021, at 13:13, Annamarie Pluhar wrote:
>> Hi
>> This is probably related to Big Sur which I installed last weekend. 
>> Have discovered that I can’t print an email - either with the print 
>> icon or the command-p. Causes a crash. I don’t actually need to 
>> print the email - I use that route to PDF it to send receipts to our 
>> bookkeeper. Suggestions?
>> I’m on Version 1.13.2 (5673).
> Yes, that is a known bug, but printing on Big Sur works again as of 
> r5737 forward.
> xhttps://updates.mailmate-app.com/archives/
> All the best,
> Ed
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