[MlMt] Gmail messages marked "Important"?

Dave Carpenter davec2468 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 14:42:32 EDT 2021

I traced the duplicate messages appearing in smart mailboxes. With the very helpful “Go to source” feature in the contextual menu (right click on any message), I see that these are from a Gmail mailbox called “Important”. Apparently Gmail is marking many of my incoming messages with the “Important” label because, as Gmail so helpfully explains in its web interface Settings, “You read messages from this group [one of my mail lists] often”. Sheesh!

The Gmail web interface Settings page gives you control, ostensibly, over this setting. You can turn off this label and disable the AI “we’ll decide what is Important for you!” setting.

Steps to do this via your Gmail web interface:

But when I look in MM into the mailbox Source>Gmail>Important, there are still many many messages there (as there still are in the Important mailbox in the Gmail web interface).

And, importantly (no play on words intended), I do not know why MM allows these—showing up as duplicates—into some of my smart mailboxes.

How to eliminate the Important stigma from all my messages?


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