[MlMt] Junk folder gets messages when Sieve unchecked

Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Mon Jul 26 17:50:13 EDT 2021

It sounds like a local Mailbox Junk got assigned the type of Junk (or 
Spam got renamed locally) and it is mapped onto the standard (for that 
server) mailbox Spam on the server. In other words, it is the same 
mailbox (folder as you call them), just named differently locally and on 
the server.

On 26 Jul 2021, at 23:17, Antonio Leding wrote:

> OK - so my assessment is pretty much in agreement with what Bill said 
> earlier…
> The server side is moving the message to Spam.  Then, on the MlMt 
> side, you see this move occur in the Spam folder and because you also 
> have a local Junk folder - also mapped as Junk - it will mirror 
> whatever is going on in the local-Spam folder.  And actually what 
> happens in local-Junk should be mirrored in the local-Spam folder.
> I’m not sure if just removing the local-Junk folder is fine - 
> probably should be but since I haven’t personally done that, I will 
> withhold any advice\comment.  Perhaps others have done this and will 
> comment….
> - - -
> On 26 Jul 2021, at 14:11, Ralph Alvy wrote:
>> Okay. Here's what I see.
>> I have a Spam folder on Fastmail server. In MailMate its Type is 
>> Junk.
>> I have a Junk folder in MailMate that is not on Fastmail server. In 
>> MailMate its Type is Junk.
>> I now see identical messages in both folders. For some reason I 
>> didn't before, but I think that had something to do with my 
>> transition to Fastmail a few nights ago, importing from Tuffmail to 
>> Fastmail while keeping Tuffmail online for a couple days.
>> But for now, both folders have the same messages in each and when I 
>> delete a message in Spam, it is deleted in Junk. And if I delete in 
>> Junk, it's deleted in Spam.
>> So it looks like I can just get rid of the Junk folder altogether 
>> since Fastmail doesn't even see it. Correct?
>> On Mon, Jul 26, 2021, at 1:52 PM, Antonio Leding wrote:
>>> So to recap (please correct any errors):
>>>  * There is a folder locally in MlMt called *Junk*; this same folder 
>>> does *not* exist on the Fastmail server.
>>>  * There is a folder on the Fastmail server called *Spam*; this same 
>>> folder does *not* exist locally in MlMt.
>>>  * SpamAssassin is running on the Fastmail side.
>>>  * The message in question was moved to the local *Junk* folder but 
>>> *not* the *Spam* folder on the Fastmail side.
>>>  * The message in question had header info that indicates it was 
>>> evaluated by SpamAssassin and also had a relatively high Spam score 
>>> (7.2).
>>> If the above is accurate, then the next 2 things I would like to 
>>> know are:
>>>  * What happened to the message on the Fastmail side? Meaning in 
>>> which folder did it land?
>>>  * If you right-click on the local *Junk* folder and then goto 
>>> “Mailbox Type”, how is it mapped?

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