[MlMt] New External image warning

Benny Kjær Nielsen mailinglist at freron.com
Sun Jul 25 03:14:34 EDT 2021

On 11 Jun 2021, at 10:02, leo wrote:

> Since I use a new version of MailMate (build 5804) the Message view 
> has different External image warning banners:
> What does the distinction into “strictly blocked” means? And how 
> can I say which emails should by default be shown _with_ images (and 
> _without_ warning)?

In many cases, you might want to allow images to be fetched while still 
trying to avoid (known) tracking pixels and insecure resources (http). 
This feature can be disabled in the Security preferences pane.

> Any blog post or so about this feature?

Not yet.

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