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Sun Jul 25 03:12:08 EDT 2021

On 10 Jun 2021, at 4:06, TJ Luoma wrote:

> I would really like to be able to adjust the Table width of Markdown 
> tables. A little cellpadding / cellspacing / margin would go a long 
> way to making it more readable.
> I found some previous discussions of this on the list, but no real way 
> to do it. Is that still not possible?

It's not easily done, but it's possible to create your own theme using a 
custom bundle. Some simple themes are included with MailMate and can be 
found within the application bundle. Documentation on bundle creation 
and (very little) on themes can be found 

> p.s. - Also, maybe it's just my eyes, but I can barely tell any 
> difference between the various "Themes" offered in the Composer 
> preferences. Could there be one with slightly larger font sizes for 
> recipients with older eyes?

Font size is, on purpose, not part of any of the default themes. If at 
all possible, this decision should be left to the receiving email 
client. In MailMate, you can set a default font for the message view and 
a minimum font size in the Viewer preferences pane (which will apply to 
any HTML messages even if explicit font sizes are used).

There might be special cases for which a large font size need to be 
explicitly defined and that should also be possible using themes as 
described above.

There's very little variance in the themes for 2 reasons:

1. Even a very minor change could make a huge difference in some 
(widespread) email clients. It's unpredictable and hard to test. For 
example, *not* specifically setting a font (MailMate sets a non-specific 
sans serif font) will trigger some email clients to show an ugly default 
font even if a different font is used when displaying plain text emails.
2. They really should be relatively simple. We are not designing 
homepages when writing emails and recipients with HTML-based email 
clients would probably not appreciate if fonts and colors vary wildly.

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