[MlMt] Switching to Fastmail: some questions

Ralph Alvy ralph at ralphalvy.com
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Thanks Philip. I was told by tech support that syncing with Google contacts 
is in the works for a future release. No ETA.

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On July 22, 2021 8:20:42 PM Philip Paeps <philip at trouble.is> wrote:
> On 2021-07-23 01:13:58 (+0800), Ralph Alvy wrote:
> Well, Tuffmail is sadly ending operations on January 1, so I'm seriously 
> considering moving to Fastmail. That said, I have a couple questions.
> Fastmail provides excellent service and a very robust, standards-compliant, 
> infrastructure. After moving many friends, family and clients to them, I 
> recently moved my gargantuan mailbox to them too. Happy customer!
> I see that Fastmail supports its own version of Labels. Is there something 
> in Mailmate that will recognize those Labels? Perhaps Mailmate Tags?
> I don't think labels add much value to an IMAP workflow. Going by the 
> documentation, Ethan's notes earlier in this thread and some 
> experimentation, they only affect the Fastmail web interface and their 
> mobile apps. To IMAP clients, tags are folders. Given that you can switch 
> back and forth between folders and labels, I suspect the underlying storage 
> is unaffected by your choice of labels or folders.
> Note that Fastmail also supports IMAP keywords. As far as I can tell, you 
> can't make these show up in their web or mobile user interfaces the way you 
> can in MailMate, but you can search on them.
> I see that Fastmail has its own Contacts module, but that doesn't support 
> synchronization with Google Contacts. Will I need to import my Google 
> Contacts into Fastmail Contacts for Mailmate to see my Contacts when 
> composing a message? Or does Fastmail use my Mac Addressbook for this?
> Fastmail contacts use CardDAV. They work well with every other CardDAV 
> implementation, including macOS and iOS Contacts.app.
> MailMate will use your Mac Contacts and doesn't care where the data 
> ultimately come from. If you sync your Mac Contacts with Google, MailMate 
> will see them. Fastmail's web interface and mobile apps won't be able to 
> see your contacts stored by Google.
> I would recommend importing your contacts from Google into Fastmail and 
> syncing them to your devices from Fastmail. I have a lot more confidence in 
> the standards compliance of Fastmail's CardDAV implementation than 
> Google's. Fastmail can import contacts from Google in bulk but it can't 
> keep them in sync.
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