[MlMt] Rule to Download Attachment automatically?

Glenn Parker glenn.parker at comcast.net
Sat Jul 24 18:05:44 EDT 2021

On 24 Jul 2021, at 16:15, Alex Fazio via mailmate wrote:

> Hi there, I’m looking for a solution to automate my attachments.
> I would like to set a rule to download attachments with a specific extension automatically to a specific directory.
> Is that possible?


I don’t think there’s any builtin feature like this, but since MailMate has a lot of hidden power “under the hood”, this is almost certainly feasible.

One way to implement this would be to start with a rule in MailMate that applies “Export to Folder” for messages that match your criteria (having an attachment with a specific extension).

After you get the exports working, you can use one of many Mac utilities that will watch the export folder for new files and run a script to extract the desired attachment. Then you still have to figure out how to insert it into Apple Contacts (or wherever).

If you’re not a coder, then that probably sounds like a lot of arcane hacking, but maybe someone else on the list who is interested in something similar could help.

Glenn P. Parker
glenn.parker at comcast.net

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