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Zvi Biener zvistrash at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 10:00:59 EDT 2021

It is also possible to modify the header view to include "mailbox", in addition to the "from", "subject", etc. fields. I did this with earlier versions of MM, but it got broken sometime in the past year. I haven't tried to replicate, but I found it very useful. If I have time again, I'll post the modified headersFormatting.plist


On 15 Jul 2021, at 16:49, Randall Meadows wrote:

> On 15 Jul 2021, at 14:41, Randy Bush wrote:
>>> If you open that message in its own window, you can right-click on the
>>> text in the window title bar and you will see the filing path, which
>>> will reveal the imap mailbox and mail account.
> Note, if you're unfamiliar with this, that this is fairly standard behavior for Mac windows, although I typically use ⌘-click on the title bar to do this.
> randy
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