[MlMt] How to get the "URL" to a message?

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> Hi there
> MailMate support the `message://` protocol to open a
> message from the outside of MailMate.

Yes. An important element of this feature is that MM must already have a 
copy of the message in its local cache.

> But how do I get the full URL like 
> `message://%3cWNTT.AvO4CwpyDv8Q~fovGnwC~yDAwakqVhb~yoshWDj~PP~o.1625618369.5i3CIeIh@webph04.int.wightpowtech.com%3e` 
> to a given message?

The part after the // is the content of the Message-ID header line of 
the message, with the enclosing '<>' URL-encoded (and any other 
characters that require it.) Note that technically that is not an 'URL' 
because it has no location information, hence it is an 'URI' because it 
merely identifies the message, rather than locating it.

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