[MlMt] signature management

Alexandre Takacs a.takacs at augicom.ch
Tue Jan 26 05:19:23 EST 2021


Since I am running 5757 I am having troubles with the placement of 

Although I have specified in the preferences that I want signature 
placement at “bottom” it usually ends up at the top of my message, 
before anything I might have typed…

Also I am not sure to understand the notion of “caret placement” and 
the actual meaning of the 3 options that are proposed (I have tried all 
3 a tbh I am none the wiser).

So, to be clear, all I want is to have the signature at the BOTTOM of 
the e-mail. No if, no smart guess, no complex algorithm, just have a 
signature at the end of the mail, whatever said mail contains. Is that 
achievable in “modern” MM ?

Thanks for your help
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