[MlMt] Sources.plist

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sat Jan 23 15:43:23 EST 2021


i get occasional ghost mail folders, especially on orifice365.  folders
in the folder bar which are dimmed offline but can not be deleted.

so i went to explore and fell down a rabbit hole in

    Library/Application\ Support/MailMate/Sources.plist

it's a bit hard to understand.  i have four accounts in mailmate, and
would naïvely expected them to all have entries for
as they each have folders of those types, well not archie as i do not
use that.  they don't.  and there are creative mangles, such as

    junk = "imap://outlook.office365.co@outlook.office365.com/Junk";

notice the co@; and why is it doubling anyway and not using the userid?

i am resisting wiping MM's cache file and taking emacs to the
Sources.plist.  but it is tempting.

is this documented?


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