[MlMt] Smart Folder bug.

Scott mailmate at howyagoin.net
Fri Jan 22 19:00:00 EST 2021


This morning, using Version 1.14 (5757) on macOS Big Sur, I ran into a 
repeatable bug (well, I feel it is a bug) involving the use of Smart 

Goal:  To create a Smart Folder that only has Flagged items in it.

Steps I took:

1)  Clicked on All Messages in the folder pane
2)  Right clicked to bring up the contextual menu
3)  Selected New Smart Mailbox

I then created a Smart Mailbox which applied to All Messages, but, as a 
Condition, only would show Messages that are Flagged (any colour).

Once the Untitled Smart Mailbox (would be great if there was a feature 
that let you name the Smart Mailbox as you're editing the parameters for 
it...) was created, things went amiss.

The primary symptom that I noticed was that all of my sub-folders for 
another Smart Mailbox I have (Unread) vanished.

Long story short, what I realised happened was that the NEW Smart Folder 
had the Conditions applied to *All Messages* as well as to the Smart 
Mailbox itself.  So, the rules applied to the "parent" of where I 
created the Smart Mailbox, not just the Smart Mailbox.

This meant that all of my other Smart Mailboxes, which were based off of 
"All Messages" were only showing content if they passed the Conditions 
that were (incorrectly, I feel) applied to All Messages.

Further, when I tried to Edit the All Messages rules/conditions, ticking 
the box to remove the condition, or the rule itself for All Messages, 
caused swirling candy (beachball).

I had to force quit.

The only way to get MailMate working again was to manually edit 
Mailboxes.plist and remove the filter.

This is what the Mailboxes.plist had at the top:

{	deltaMailboxes = (
		{	filter = "#flags.flag = '\\Flagged'";
			previousUUID = "";
			uuid = "ALL_MESSAGES";
		{	previousUUID = "";
			uuid = "ALL_BODY_PARTS";


So, I removed the filter and restarted MailMate and all was fine.

Unfortunately, I'm now not sure how to create a Smart Mailbox -- any 
attempt to do so is modifying the rules for the "parent" folder to 
contain the rules for the Smart Mailbox.  I'm sure I'll sort out a 
workaround, but, thought I'd share.



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