[MlMt] Crash when accessing "Open with"

Glenn Parker glenn.parker at comcast.net
Mon Jan 18 16:41:44 EST 2021

On 18 Jan 2021, at 14:51, Mark Wadham wrote:

> I have a repeatable crash in version 1.13.2 of Mailmate.
> If I right click on any attachment and select "open with" it hangs for 
> a few seconds trying to load the context menu and then crashes. If I 
> do the same thing in the Finder it shows the application list without 
> a problem.
> Anyone else seen this behaviour?

No problem for me with the attachments popup under MailMate 1.14 (5757) 
running on Big Sur macOS 11.1.

Have you tried running MailMate from a Terminal window to see if any 
error messages are printed when the crash occurs?

Glenn P. Parker
glenn.parker at comcast.net
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