[MlMt] Tag Assignment

Zak McClellan zmcclellan at diconconsulting.com
Fri Jan 8 08:17:55 EST 2021

Recently I noticed that the assignment of a new tag to a received email 
removes the existing tag.  Currently when I want to assign more than one 
tag I delete the existing tag then enter the new tag and the existing 

I am not sure when this behavior began and don't believe it has always 
been this way.  When I assign a tag I use the tag keyboard shortcut 'T' 
then enter the first letters of the tag name.  Once the desired name 
appears I hit 'Enter' twice to confirm the name and close the data entry 

Some of these "existing" tags are assigned by rules attached to the 
mailbox source.

Hope there's a solution.
I suspect that a software update is in order.  But like others here I 
tend to leave things alone when they are working.


MailMate Version 2.0 (6151)
MacBook Pro 15,3 – 2018 15-inch
Intel Core i7, 2.6 GHz (32GB RAM)
Radeon Pro Vega 20 4GB Graphics
OS X 10.14.6

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