[MlMt] R5757 / Some quirks

Robert M. Münch robert.muench at saphirion.com
Wed Jan 6 05:57:51 EST 2021

Hi, I’m recognizing some quirks in version 5757 and wanted to cross-check if others see the same:

1. Wrapping of quoted text, when the editor size is changed doesn’t reflow. In the past MM reflowed the text and added a > independent if there were hard line breaks or not. Now it doesn’t which is very annoying.

2. I have several email addresses linked to my Google account. It looks like MM now always shows the first one in TO for received emails. Which will be used in a reply as well. In the past MM just used the one I send the initial mail with… again, very annoying.

Are these known problems? Are there are any fixes?


Robert M. Münch

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