[MlMt] No notifications of new mail

Randall Meadows randy.meadows at not-pc.com
Fri Feb 26 16:11:00 EST 2021

MailMate--or my Mac, not sure whom to blame here--has stopped showing me 
visual notifications of new incoming email.  It used to.  I still get 
the notification sound, but nothing visual, which I used to use a lot to 
scan the contents to know whether I should go tend to it immediately or 
whether I can keep my focus where it currently is.

Not seeing anything in MM prefs that might affect this.

The Notifications sysprefpane is set to "allow notifications from 
MailMate", using the Banners style; show on lock screen, show preview 
always, show in Notification Center (it's NOT showing here at all 
either) are all enabled, but I get no banner notifications.

The last two options, badge app icon and play sound, are the only 
options working.

Any ideas on why come I get no (visual) notifications?  I've tried 
toggling the settings, but that didn't help.  I've tried "turning it off 
and back on" and that didn't help either.


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